Online or In Studio Singing Lessons


Our fun and modern approach to teaching singing  lessons has lead to great success for our beginner and advanced students. Learn how to Improve your

  • breath support

  • Increase your singing range

  • Release unwanted tension and free your voice

  • Learn to warm-up and stretch your voice in a healthy way

  • Learn to read music and build your musicianship skills

  • Build vocal stamina through weekly exercise

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Frequently asked questions

What styles do you teach?

We teach singing lessons in a wide range of styles including Classical, Rock, Pop, Musical Theater and Opera

What lesson duration is best for kids?

We reccommend kids younger than 12 years old do 25 minute sessions. If you would like longer lessons, we suggest the child does 25 minutes of piano and 25 minutes of singing. This helps the child become a better musician which will greatly benefit and enhance their singing training.

What lesson length do you reccomend for adults?

We reccomend adults do 40 or 50 minute lessons. You will see the most growth with these sessions.

What will my first singing lesson be like?

In the first lesson: your teacher will have you sing a song so they can give you an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Please be prepared to sing a song of your choice. The teacher will then test your range and then teach you about your voice and your body as an instrument In your second lessons: your teacher will begin with vocal warm-ups to tackle the vocal issues you need to fix, pick repertoire/songs, and begin to understand your body as an instrument.

What sort of things will I learn in singing lessons?

Breath support Resonance and vocal placement Range expansion correct balanced vowels vocal control vocal agility correct posture and body alignment releasing jaw, tongue and body tension

Can I purchase just one session?

Our beginning packages begin with a selection of 4 private lessons to be taken in successive weeks. Our package philosophy is this, "Does going to the gym once make you healthy?" In much the same way, we believe that mastery of any skill can not be achieved from a single exposure. Each week our students will receive instruction and feedback from our faculty and will have the week between the lessons to begin implementing our tips and musical startegies. After a brief review and answering of questions we move on to the next concept. It’s this type of education that will get you singing and playing in ways you never imagined!

What if I am late to my online lesson?

Be punctual to ensure that you’ll receive a full lesson. It is the responsibility of each student to arrive on time with all devices charged and ready to go. Lesson time will not be able to be extended as we have scheduled appointments after yours. If a student does not sign on within 10 minutes of there session, our teachers will sign off and you will have to pay a no-show $15 lesson fee. You will be subject to a re-booking fee if you would like to re-schedule.

Do you offer a free trial lesson?

While we don’t provide free trial lessons, we understand that signing up can feel like a big commitment. We offer 50% off the trial lesson

Are there any age restrictions for taking lessons?

Piano: We start as young as 4 Singing: We start at 5 years old Guitar: 6 years old Ukulele: 6 years old

What age do you start singing lessons?

While we teach all ages, the best age to start grasping vocal technique is at age of 12. With students younger than 12 years old: * we teach the fundamentals of music (pitch, rhythm-singing in time or beat) * Breath support-breathing from the diaphgram * focus on ear training, this includes matching pitch correctly * musicanship (reading music) * guiding kids to sing independantly without needing the help of the artist singing or guided vocals.

What is our approach to online or In-Person Singing Lessons and Vocal Training?

Working with a professional singing teacher, whether in person or online, is one of the fastest ways to learn how to sing. At Heart of Singing, we offer the flexibility of working with an expert teacher both online and locally. We believe each voice is unique and offer customized vocal lessons that are personalized to you and your needs (including singing lessons for kids!). From learning how to build vocal stamina to fixing common singing mistakes, we have the expertise to strengthen your skills and boost your confidence to let the star in you shine!

What is our Vocal Lesson Approach?

Our fun and modern approach to teaching singing lessons has led to great success for our beginner and advanced students of all ages. Every virtual and in-person class is formatted with each individual student in mind. No class is exactly alike! Through carefully crafted and well-designed classes, students can see rapid improvement often in a matter of weeks. Our goal is not to simply teach you to sing specific songs but to empower you with the skills to sing any song.

What to Expect During a Vocal Lesson

During your first vocal lesson, one of the first things our teachers will do is assess your current skillset and technique, as well as identify any hindering habits that you may have developed previously. While each lesson will vary, every class follows a proven step-by-step structure: beginning with a warm-up, vowel tuning and strengthening exercises (or any other exercises that needed more work from the previous week) and ending with applying what was learned to your chosen song.

With every online or in-person class, our trained, professional singing teachers will help you develop the following:

Breath support – Breath support is one of the most – if not the most important – foundational elements to unlocking your greatest singing potential. Click here to learn how to breathe for powerful singing.

  • Increase your singing range – Want to learn how to hit those high notes? Or perhaps you need some help with lower notes? Our trained teachers can help teach you all you need to know to increase your singing range and how to safely shift registers in order to sing any song while preserving vocal stamina and preventing injury.
  • Release unwanted tension and free your voice – Tension is the singing killer. Let our teachers guide you in learning how to relax the muscles around the larynx to allow for proper vocal closure and clarity in your singing. With each weekly lesson, you will become more and more aware of the sensations in your body and how this relates to proper resonance and better singing.
  • Learn how to warm-up and stretch your voice in a healthy way – A proper warm-up is key to every singing lesson and performance. We will teach you how to prepare your voice and how to safely stretch it when practicing on your own.
  • Learn to read music and build your musicianship skills – While you can learn how to sing without playing an instrument, we strongly recommend learning how to read and play music. Ear training is extremely helpful and beneficial to all artists, especially singers, and will speed up your progress.
  • Build vocal stamina through weekly exercise – Perfect practice makes perfect. This is why we believe in the power of expertly designed vocal lessons that build on each other each week. We will provide you with the warm-ups and exercises suited for your own unique voice that you can practice any time.