Would you like to sign your child up for in-person music lessons? Have you been searching for leading experts in music lessons for kids?

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At Heart of Singing your child can choose to

  • Learn how to sing

  • Learn how to play the piano 

  • Learn how to play the guitar 

  • Learn how to play the ukulele 

Proven success and expertise in teaching kids music lessons for over 20 years!

Your Child will become...

Little boy taking music lessons online a

Jumping into music lessons students and parents would like:

  • Fun and Convenient Music Lessons​

  • Talented friendly Music Instructors from top music conservatories

  • Lesson plans tailored to your child's musical style and goals 

  • Results that take your child to the next level!

Why choose heart of singing for in-person lessons? 

  • Musical Expertise: Our music lesson method has proven results in and around the U.S. Our kids have been accepted into leading opera houses and professional theater!

  • Tailor made for your child: We believe kids progress faster when they love what they learn. We let kids play and learn from our amazing teaches and coaches, the music they love while incorporating a strong musical foundation, technique. We also incorporate  interactive apps for fun musical practice at home!  

  • Exciting lessons by our talented teachers!

  • Amazing progress and quick results!

  • Teachers tailored to each student: When you register, our behind the scenes team will pair your child up with the perfect teacher for your child. Our top professional teachers are talented performers and musicians!

  • Performances: Each year, students have the opportunity to participate in our fun recitals!

  • Musical memories to last forever! Your kid's musical journey to becoming a star will be something your they cherishes for years to come!


More Verbal

More Disciplined

Stronger with better muscles and fine motor 


More Social

Academically Stronger